Ardens in Nomine Angeli Satanae (Split with Scorge)

by Abandoned by Light



All instruments, lyrics* and vocals (Abandoned by Light) by Karhmul**

All instruments and vocals (Scorge) by Garnak and Lilith

**Sound segment on 'Broken Glass Trail' from: 'Hated-GG Allin & The Murder Junkies 1993'
*Lyrics and music to 'Don't Go' by A.Morbid (Happy Days)

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released March 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Abandoned by Light York, UK

Founded 2013 by Karhmul - Black metal to destroy the minds of the weak and defeated

All instruments, vocals and lyrics by Karhmul

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Track Name: Abandoned by Light - Broken Glass Trail
Eleven feeble shards press into my veins
Pressing hatred and weight to collapse
Finding the darkest place that I know
To crawl into the deepest crevices
And hide away from the wretched sun

Making my way through life slowly
Across a broken glass trail I crawl
The dancing shadows of dusks embrace
And the rolling drums of the thunder ride
In natures woodland embrace

The vastness of my sorrow widens
To hold the entire world in its hand
Distant bleating of woodlands heart
As I crawl further into my cocoon of safety
Hiding from the broken glass trail

In natures comforting woodland embrace
The terrible embrace of the burning flame
Is put to rest under the torrent of purifying rain
In my sanctuary amongst the rocks and briar
I find my slumber whilst the night rages on
Track Name: Abandoned by Light - Don't Go (Happy Days Cover)
I thought you were everything
I thought you were the one
But once again I'm still blind
By the fake mask of life
Again I fell for its trap
Again I fell for its lies
And now you are leaving
And I'm begging you to stay
What we had was something special
What's going on?
It's getting hard to breathe
I'm torn open
I'm on my knees, asking you to stay and not to leave
Please don't go

Please don't go