Becoming the Dark​.​.​. Leaving all Light (Second Forgotten Soul Split)

by Abandoned by Light



Second split with American black metal duo 'Forgotten Soul'

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All lyrics, vocals and instruments on Abandoned by Light track by Karhmul


released August 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Abandoned by Light York, UK

Founded 2013 by Karhmul - Black metal to destroy the minds of the weak and defeated

All instruments, vocals and lyrics by Karhmul

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Track Name: Abandoned by Light - Violating the Soulless Shrine of Failure
Blind faith clings to my eyes, blinding
Causing me to continue forward
Even when all my hopes have died
And my voice has long since been silent

Violating the soulless shrine of failure
By maiming myself, the cowering flock
A choir of regret and dead dreams sings
Echoing through the chamber of my mind

My days have turned to blackness
Degenerated into the shit beneath
No matter how far I climb away
I will always fall back down into it

I know my sickness has no cure
And my eyes will never see again
Blind faith clings to my heart, dragging
Dragging me upwards to fall once more