Lost Wisdom (Raw Burzum Cover)

by Abandoned by Light



Cover of Burzum's 'Lost Wisdom' from 'Det Som En Gang Var' done for a collaboration album.


While we may believe
our world - our reality
to be that is - is but one
manifestation of the essence

Other planes lie beyond the reach
of normal sense and common roads
But they are no less real
than what we see or touch or feel

Denied by the blind church
'cause these are not the words of God
- the same God that burnt the


released April 9, 2014
Instruments and vocals - Karhmul
All music and lyrics by Varg Vikernes



all rights reserved


Abandoned by Light York, UK

Founded 2013 by Karhmul - Black metal to destroy the minds of the weak and defeated

All instruments, vocals and lyrics by Karhmul

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