Wandering Through a Nocturnal Sorrow (Demo)

by Abandoned by Light



Fifth demo from depressive black metal project Abandoned by Light by sole member Karhmul, all lyrics, music and vocals by Karhmul*

* Except on We're All Better of Dead, all music and lyrics by Nocturnal Depression


released September 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Abandoned by Light York, UK

Founded 2013 by Karhmul - Black metal to destroy the minds of the weak and defeated

All instruments, vocals and lyrics by Karhmul

Check out my side project Cernunnos: cernunnos.bandcamp.com

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Track Name: Wandering Through a Nocturnal Sorrow
Under the moonlit darkness
After everything Iv'e suffered
A razorblade romance ending in cuts
After the sacrifice of blood Iv'e given
I no longer feel emotions anymore
Time repeats my painful experience
So I just cut some more

Wandering through a nocturnal sorrow
Endlessly climbing through shadow
Fighting for the end of time to begin
A life that is broken cannot be fixed
The more I hurt, the further I die
All that is heard are my own screams in silence
But the silence will never reply to my cries

Fading into the cold breeze
Becoming a solitary single thought
In the mind of an old and dying man
A misanthropic self awareness spawned of tragedy
Wandering through this nocturnal sorrow
Finding a place to lay in the lonely ground
Until the December snows embrace my lifeless body

Wandering through this nocturnal sorrow
I wander no more, life has gone
And the end has come
Track Name: Broken Mirrors and Cracked Dreams
Dusty dirty wounds repressing my hate
melancholic memories press on my soul
Staring into bleakness, a void in my eyes
I disturb myself with my depressive thoughts
I couldn't care about my life anymore

I watch my life go by through broken mirrors
I watch my life unfold through cracked dreams
I'm a frozen spirit trapped in this realm
Put a bloody bullet through my blind eyes
So I can see the stars again

Und dies ist, wie ich sterben
Umgeben von zerbrochenen speigeln
und rissig träume

(And this is how I die
Surrounded by broken mirrors
and cracked dreams)
Track Name: We're All Better off Dead (Nocturnal Depression Cover)
I'm drowning into the waters of the oversight
shadows embracing me and the cold devouring me
cause all of you had illustrated the insignificance of being
A life withour values, a useless thing
No one likes us or you above or under
when you'll break the chains and open your eyes, reject their words

We are nothing than empty wrecks
sinking down and reaching the depths into an ocean of despair
We are worthless lives lead by our sufferings
Think about our existence: we are all better off dead

I was born with stigmata on hand
and I use it to feed your hate
May you think to hurt me
but you're human crap that I manipulate

What we've done, our experiences
and past memories
Are carved on our skins
as scars of an inner tormented suffering
We are nothing than empty wrecks,
we are worthless lives

We're all better off dead