On Broken and Rotted Dreams, Suicide Took Flight (Demo)

by Abandoned by Light

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DxWx One of the best dsbm bands. The agony is only amplified by the grainy low quality of vocals. The lyrics make you want to hate everyone around you and then kill yourself.
This album (and all other albums by Abandoned By Light) are just perfect. Favorite track: .Live.Hate.Die.Repeat..


released September 5, 2013

Fourth demo album of depressive black metal project Abandoned by Light by sole member Karhmul, all lyrics, music and vocals by Karhmul*

* Except on Nostalgia, all music and lyrics by Nocturnal Depression



all rights reserved


Abandoned by Light York, UK

Founded 2013 by Karhmul - Black metal to destroy the minds of the weak and defeated

All instruments, vocals and lyrics by Karhmul

Check out my side project Cernunnos: cernunnos.bandcamp.com

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Track Name: .Live.Hate.Die.Repeat.
The soul in the darkness awoken
Calling out for the self destruction to begin
Crying out for you to kill yourself
To end the perpetual misery
That like the air and black sky
Is always their in your life
Live, hate, die, repeat, the existence
That you have created is not one at all
So end it now, and return to the realm of feeling

When life is a struggle for happiness
Is it truly one at all?
Or is it a prologned exposure to suffering
That you cling to for the familiar pain
For the comfort of routine in the day
When all other joys are taken from you
You still have your self loathing
Live, hate, die, repeat once more
It's no way to live, so kill yourself now

Live, hate, die, repeat
Perpetual misery guiding you through hell
Live, hate, die, repeat
Endless torment in a husk of life
Live, hate, die, repeat
Suicide to escape, suicide to die
Live, hate, die, repeat

Live, hate, die, repeat
Some fucking life
Track Name: The Dominion of Sadness, Arrived
The world is dying around me
Everywhere there are graves
Of those who never deserved life anyway
Violent cries arise everywhere of
Those who cling to their existence
Afraid of what lies beyond the veil of this reality
Where they will be judged on the failures that were
Their miserable lives

A blackened sky appears
Heralding the coming of a dark era
Where all the wounds that time and skin
buried and hid
Will come to the surface
Thick, red testimonies to the misery received
As mine soul blackens, dies and breaks free
I scream to the heavens that I never followed
That my life will soon be over and I buried

As this shitty world dies around me
I watch the blood drain from my body and
Begin to pool around me
A reservoir of pain leaving my body
Through a score of paper thin wounds
Self inflicted, a way to end this world
And bring forth the dominion of sadness
That will preside over my corpse
Till I become one with the earth
And the darkness becomes eternal
Track Name: Frost at a Funeral
Eyes grow dim
Being drifting away
Wasted years before my eyes
A, cold deathly feeling settles in
Soon I shall be nought but
Frost at a funeral

Where did my life go?
years slip by like water
Through old and rotted hands
I cry for the lost, but it won't return
Soon I shall be nought but
Frost at a funeral

World grows dim again
Cold settles on my heart
This time it is here forever
As I leave this world, I do so alone
I have gone, the pain is over
I am now, frost at my funeral

There is frost at my funeral
But no-one to see
Track Name: Please Kill Me Now!!!
Mind torn open
Soul exposed
Heart ripped asunder
Misery inside out
This is the life
I know live alone
One of desolation
Please kill me now

Wrists slashed apart
A sign of sadness
My being is dead
Soon I shall be too
Tortured by depression
Broken and beaten into
The shape of suicide
Please kill me now

Left alone to die
Skin burnt and torn
A husk of existence
Hollow for so long
Suicide is an answer
To the unspoken prayer
Please kill me now
Track Name: A Love That Hurts Me So...
I'm cutting myself again
Trying to take this pain away
Trying to drown it all, in the wave
I'm hurting so much, hurting for you
This love is taking my life away
Why did you go?
This obsessive love is breaking me
So i'm cutting again, cutting for you

I'm taking drugs again
Trying to numb myself to the pain
Trying to break myself, all at once
I'm dying again, dying for you
Why did you go?
My obsessive love for you is painful
So i'm taking drugs again, just for you

Burning, searing pain, this feeling
Why did you have to go? And leave me
I love you, do you now know?
This pain inside my soul, it's all for you
The scars that dot my body, a sea of testimonies to your divinity
This is killing me though
This love that hurts me so

This obsessive love is ending me
This love that hurts is killing me, from the inside out
This obsessive love is ending me
So i'll get it over and done
Before the feelings all stop and I
Become a hollow shell, so very numb
This love that hurts will end

I'm starving myself again
Trying to mutilate myself, for you
Trying to bruise the soul beneath, for you
I'm wasting away, dying for you
Why did you go?
My obsessive love for you is ruining me
So i'm starving myself again, just for you

This obsessive love is ending me
This love that hurts is killing me, from the inside out
This obsessive love is ending me
So i'll get it over and done
Before the feelings all stop and I
Become a hollow shell, so very numb
This love that hurts will end
Track Name: Life Is a String of Wounds
Life is a string of wounds
Holding together that which was never
meant to be
Keeping the sufferings intact
So that we may relive them, when all is dark
And we are at our most miserable
When the wrist is at its most bloodied
A diary of scars, showing what we really are

What the f*ck is wrong with me?
Inside my soul is a dark and growing pain
Sprouting out its decaying wings
Covered in scabs, cuts and bloodied lines
And on these rotted wings, suicide took flight
Wounding me from the inside out
Dragging me down into my misery well

Life is a string of wounds
And we are nothing in ourselves
Bleed the soul, to remove the soiling of life
The stain created by continued existence
The blade is a vessel, leading to some pleasures
Numb yourself, go somewhere life cannot hurt you
You have suffered enough, time to sleep
Where the sadness cannot find you

Life is a string of wounds
Time to cut the cordf
And drift into the comfort of oblivion
Track Name: When Hope Became Eclipsed By Death
Gazing sadly through December rain
Seeing my life reflected in the harsh elements
Torn away, blown away and reformed once more
To suffer again
Once in it I saw beauty, beauty in the shimmer
Now I only see death, death of the Summer
That day when hope became eclipsed by death

Nostalgia for the past, days spent in light and warmth
Before they became blurred with night
And darkness was my illumination into depression
Remembering the days when I loved and laughed
Before frost settled in my heart and my soul was blackened
And the sink was stained and the razor bloodied
Where mirrors were uncracked and skin unblemished
Before life was stained with the shit of others
And humanity wasn't so f*cking dull and worthless

Rising up to kill the beast that looms above
Taste the pain of a thousand different cuts
The beast that is the promise of tomorrow
The one that took my hope for a future recovery
And replaced it with the shadow of sadness
The thought placed within my mind to kill yourself
Please kill yourself and end the reign of misery
That cruelly broke your spirit with iron heels
And eclipsed your hope with a sweet promise of death

A noose, a knife, a socket, a gun
All tools on that cold December eve
When the rain reflected my multitude of pains
Why did you allow yourself to live this long?
Under the dark blanket of melancholy
That has lingered so long in my bleakest soul
When I could have ended the pain long ago
So tonight, on this stormy night, when the rain lays
I shall kill myself, and find peace at last
Tonight, death will complete its eclipse of hope
And hope will lay down and die, but it will be glad
Track Name: Misanthropic Black Metal Noise
I hate you
I hate you all
I hate myself
I hate this bloody life
Please kill me now
Lest I learn to love again
And forget the reason that I began
To detest you all

I hate you
I hate this world
I hate humanity
I will crush you all
I will show you your faults
I will bring you all to your bloody
Knees before I die
Track Name: Nostalgia (Nocturnal Depression Cover)
And once again despair is kissing me
With her cold ghostly lips
My own destruction is leading me to my grave
That I digged for many times
And once again I'm becoming a spectral thought
Forgotten, sad, miserable shit
As I fall into the black spheres among lonely memories

You've broken us, piece by piece

The score of my soundtrack is written by blood
Music of suicide written in red
I did it myself, my wrists are also opened
And like my tears, it's cascading
Everything has been lost behind us
On my kness, hands on my face
The sun is appearing into the spring morning
Where I'm lying there's just nothing than my dust

Now you don't care about him
You live on the other side of feelings
But our February snow
is now covering my lifeless body