Broken Mirrors to the Stars (4th LP)

by Abandoned by Light



4th full length by Abandoned by Light

This album represents a turning point in Abandoned by Light. Turning towards exploration of deeper ideas, more atmospheric and meaningful compositions. It also represents the past and the future, looking back at inspirations and forefathers, those who came before and crafted the music that inspired musicians after, and what it means for the future.

All lyrics, instruments and vocals by Karhmul*

* track 2 - originally by Nargaroth
track 4 - originally by Lifelover
track 6 - originally by Silencer
track 8 - originally by Happy Days
track 14 - originally by Nocturnal Depression
track 16 - originally by Burzum

Thanks to Fiend from Vore for contributing vocals to track 17


released September 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Abandoned by Light York, UK

Founded 2013 by Karhmul - Black metal to destroy the minds of the weak and defeated

All instruments, vocals and lyrics by Karhmul

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Track Name: Broken Glass Trail
Eleven feeble shards press into my veins
Pressing hatred and weight to collapse
Finding the darkest place that I know
To crawl into the deepest crevices
And hide away from the wretched sun

Making my way through life slowly
Across a broken glass trail I crawl
The dancing shadows of dusks embrace
And the rolling drums of the thunder ride
In natures woodland embrace

The vastness of my sorrow widens
To hold the entire world in its hand
Distant bleating of woodlands heart
As I crawl further into my cocoon of safety
Hiding from the broken glass trail

In natures comforting woodland embrace
The terrible embrace of the burning flame
Is put to rest under the torrent of purifying rain
In my sanctuary amongst the rocks and briar
I find my slumber whilst the night rages on
Track Name: Seven Tears are Flowing to the River (Nargaroth Cover)
Seven Tears are flowing to the river
And six of 'em are mine:
Und ich kostete den fremden Saft,
Der sich mit meinigem vermengte,
Um zu deuten in ihm jene Kraft,
Die an so viele ich verschenkte.
Und Freud war er in meinen Mund
Und ich stürzt' in tiefe See'
Und es schmerzt die alte Wunde,
Die geifernd lacht in all dem Weh'.
Doch als die Flut seinen Leichnam barg,
Nachdem er Trän' verlor, sechs an der Zahl
Das Wasser ward zu seinem Sarg,
Eine Sieb'te sich ergoß,... aus Qual.
Und als der Fluß die Trän' geleitet,
Hin zu ew'gen Meer,
Ward ihm endlich Lieb' bereitet.
Doch das er weiß wohl nimmer mehr.
Und könnt die Zeit verkehrt nun fließen
Und sei nur Traum der ganze Schmerz,
Wird er um sie die Arme schließen
Und Liebe sei um beider Herz...
Track Name: Frost Tinted Rose in the Sleeping Fields
Hindered by restless thoughts at night
Submitting to the amber light of evening
Wandering through dreamlike states
Searching for the end of my ache

Fantasising for the home I left
Ending the bitter fire that burns
Searching for the sleeping fields
To fall and descend into slumber

Where have my passions gone?
Carried away down winding streams
Beginning again on this unnamed plane
I saw your face in the frost tinted rose

The light of the lunar cycle on the oasis
Illuminating the endless corpse road
Leading to the nirvana of sleeping fields
Where I may find you on the face of the rose

My mind is laced with bitter thoughts
Remembering something said long ago
Misplaced memories tinted with smoke
Misled prayers to heal an unknown wound
Track Name: Nackskott (Lifelover Cover)
Rynkor, celluliter, hängbröst och rinnande mascara
Falska léenden blandade med mundiarré
Kassörskan är en hora på deltid
Hennes vänlighet är suspekt

Teddybjörnen trånar efter att få suga av
Ett barnasinnes humor vrålar ut i skratt
Tristessen kommer som en flod, jag söker en utväg
Leksakskatten har spagetti i mun, ingen vet vad det är
Vad finns att hämta här?

Oväsen uppstår när kaoset bryter ut
Elden döper småbarn när jag spränger skiten i luften

Tycker du som jag, så rider vi
För då känn för då känn för då känner jag mej jag mej fri

Lille häst lille häst vilka skutt du tar
Sitter svans sitter svans sitter svansen ändå ändå kvar

Så far och flyg och ryk och ränn
och bom sicka bom ä du me'på den så spring och skrik
och kom igen och bom sicka bom ut i mässingen

Och tut och tjut och tjosan sen
Och bom sicka bom va'de'small i den
Track Name: Death of a Silent God
On the edge of darkness, looking in
As I stare into the abyss of bleakness
Shooting stars, tears from the sky falling
I hear no sound, and see no colours
The god of the silent, in an empty kingdom

The vision that was planted in my brain
It still remains, a cancer that slowly grows
A vision of a man, turning to the empty cold
Collar turned to the shadow, fading through mists
Stepping away from the lights of clarity

The vision grows still more, filling me
Ten thousand people in a silent mass
Eyes closed from the truth of their misguidance
And minds locked away, scared of what they may find
If they but looked beyond what they wish to see

No-one dared to break the fragile silence
They do not know what they may learn
Were they but to speak and share a thought?
As they bow in prayer to the gods they made
For answers that in their hearts they wish not to know

The mindless masses that the visions shows
Make my heart swell with hatred for them and me
For I am but another of the masses, unknowing
Searching for everything and hoping to find nothing
The dying God of the silent vigil to his herd
Track Name: Sterile Nails & Thunderbowels (Silencer Cover)
Vast souls
And inhumans,
Bitten by infected jaws

Abandoned minds
And corpses
Lurking with moulded eyes
Lacerated bodies
Without mourners
Nodding in gallows

Crushed skulls
Tasting the Fur
Of dying cats

Needles, injecting pain
Flammable skin
And deadly thirst
Beyond mind
Is sleep to be found
Leap, leap, leap, leap
From life,
Leave yourself,
Die with me
Track Name: The Eternal Sleep of the Dead
Through necropolis steeped in darkness
The spirit crawling into the tomb
As fragile feelings of hope slither away
A broken sensation claws at the brain

Pain, sorrow, misguided dreams
The sensation grows ever larger
Encompassing the eyes that search
For anything beyond the anguish inside

The last journey of a shadow
Where dead angels lay rotten
My tomb lies surrounded by it
As razor breaks the fevered skin

The end that waits for all of us
It lies within the spewing tomb
Nothing stops the darkness growing
The turn from day to night will come

When the moment of eternity
Breaks the dawn of your death
And suicidal angels stand vigil
Over the eternal sleep of the dead

Cemeteries of dead shadows
The end that beckons to you
Follow the tormented whispers
Into the depths of oblivion once more
Track Name: Don't Go (Happy Days Cover)
I thought you were everything
I thought you were the one
But once again I'm still blind
By the fake mask of life
Again I fell for its trap
Again I fell for its lies
And now you are leaving
And I'm begging you to stay
What we had was something special
What's going on?
It's getting hard to breathe
I'm torn open
I'm on my knees, asking you to stay and not to leave
Please don't go

Please don't go
Track Name: Tearing Away the Veil of Night...
A dreamlike veil seeps over reality
A tremble that grows in the dark
Vivid hallucinations over my vision
That threaten my subconscious
To tear away the face of the deep

I leave your world once more
To fall into the vacuum of time
To leave only you standing alone
I fail you in life, and so shall now
For eternity between dawn and death

Kneeling on battered broken skin
Before the void that lays beyond
That tears away the veil of night
Leaving wounds on exposed memory
Beyond mind and thought it lingers

Lost inside my darkened mind
Away from the breaking dawn
You’ll find me dying between dreams
Petty, helpless with bleeding eyes
Turning away from the time and light
Track Name: Broken Mirrors to the Stars
As the moon crests the top of the cloud line
And illuminates the world, bathed in dark
I stare into the other realm, through shadow
Through smoke and blackened ash I gaze
Through broken mirrors I look to the stars

Hatred flows through my veins, infernal
As the last vestiges of love and life burn away
Sorrow desecrates the heart that beats
As I long to fade away through twilight
Through broken mirrors to the stars

As the world outside my window
Is plunged into a deathlike silence
A black requiem for the coming of dusk
Honed by the baying of night time beasts
Honouring the coming hour of night

As the air grows cold I hear them
The sounds of misery and sadness
Penetrating the blanket of night time
Their moonlit laments flowing down
To where I stare up into the stars waiting

As the moon crests the tops to the cloud line
The time has come for me to depart from it
To join the other world, through shadow
Through blood, tears and blackened ash
Through broken mirrors to the stars
Track Name: Violating the Soulless Shrine of Failure
Blind faith clings to my eyes, blinding
Causing me to continue forward
Even when all my hopes have died
And my voice has long since been silent

Violating the soulless shrine of failure
By maiming myself, the cowering flock
A choir of regret and dead dreams sings
Echoing through the chamber of my mind

My days have turned to blackness
Degenerated into the shit beneath
No matter how far I climb away
I will always fall back down into it

I know my sickness has no cure
And my eyes will never see again
Blind faith clings to my heart, dragging
Dragging me upwards to fall once more
Track Name: Nostalgia (Nocturnal Depression Cover)
Once again despair is kissing me
With her cold ghostly lips
My own destruction is leading me to my grave
That I digged for many times
And once again I'm becoming a spectral thought
Forgotten, sad, miserable shit
As I fall into the black spheres among lonely memories
You've broken us, piece by piece

The score of my soundtrack is written by blood
Music of suicide written in red
I did it myself, my wrists are also opened
And like my tears, it's cascading
Everything has been lost behind us
On my kness, hands on my face
The sun is appearing into the spring morning
Where I'm lying there's just nothing than my dust

Now you don't care about him
You live on the other side of feelings
But our February snow
is now covering my lifeless body
Track Name: Abandoned by Light
December cold settles in deep
Frost coats the vales in white
The crunch beneath my feet
Breaking the reverie of my journey
Cutting through my silent thoughts

Wandering through the nocturnal mist
The sun consumed by the dark clouds
Reverie returns, as I ponder the meaning
Of this life, this journey, this world around
I, he who was abandoned by light, wanderer

My cries fall onto the silence around
My identity begins to crumble inside
Torn away on the cold winds of winter
Abandoned by light, I fall through shadow
Who am I? Another soul amongst the many

Time slows to a standstill, the wind slows
I sit, the cold settling in my bones
Trying to find the self that I have lost
Abandoned by my life, nameless wanderer
The lies I have accepted have broken, and I am nothing

Laying down in the December frosts
Staring into the darkest skies above me
The god I was taught to love, left me here
The life I was told to love, is not mine to love
And everything has now gone, abandoned by light
Track Name: Lost Wisdom (Burzum Cover)
While we may believe
our world - our reality
to be that is - is but one
manifestation of the essence

Other planes lie beyond the reach
of normal sense and common roads
But they are no less real
than what we see or touch or feel

Denied by the blind church
'cause these are not the words of God
- the same God that burnt the
Track Name: The Shimmering Radiance of the Dawning Horizon (Feat. Fiend)
The morning mist spreads its cold embrace out
Holding the dawning world in its chilling hold
Empty streets, undisturbed silences, hollow
The world that greets my gaze is forgotten
Under the shimmering radiance of the dawn

Solitary figure under the gloom of street lamps
Wanderer in the sea of fog and silent hills
Tarmac roads and concrete alleys long forgotten
Paths to alternate realities and thoughts abandoned
My journey through suburban nightmares

To reach the end, the end of the silence
To accomplish nothing in the early years
Destined to be a faceless entity in this world
Nothing but fleeting periphery to time and space
A wanderer amongst the masses and the worthless

As the morning mist begins to recede back
Returning to the weary embrace of the earth
I reach the edge of this place, and stare out
Across the end of the world, to the beauty
Of the shimmering embrace of the dawning horizon