And Dusk Did Crawl Out To Witness The Suicide Of The Sun​.​.​. (Demo)

by Abandoned by Light




released July 16, 2013

Second demo album of depressive black metal project Abandoned by Light by sole member Karhmul, all instruments and vocals provided by Karhmul*

*Except 'King Of Cuts' feat. Morgomir on guitar and bass



all rights reserved


Abandoned by Light York, UK

Founded 2013 by Karhmul - Black metal to destroy the minds of the weak and defeated

All instruments, vocals and lyrics by Karhmul

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Track Name: Chapter 1 - Sorrow, A Causal Effect
All good times must come to an end
No joy can last forever
Everyone must experience some sadness
More so some than others
Time brings death to all things pure
And so the story of happiness comes to an end
Track Name: Into Darkness, I Fall
Into the darkness I fall
Like Alice through the looking glass
Like a great House of Usher, I broke
Images of sadness surround me
Telling a tale of woe

Traumas and triggers befall me
Stealing the last of myself away
I wasn't always this sad
But if home is where the heart is
Then I belong in hell

Curse my broken mind
Fractured and left to rot
Every day, the same old agony
Nothing to make me raise my head
the world has lost all its colour
All I see are shades of melancholy

Bitter is the taste of existence
I am just a frame of flesh
Drifting through a solitary existence
Forged from the beatings of life
Into the shape of something darker
Folded like paper, into the shape of death

How could I come to this?
Fallen from grace so far and fast
Like an angel from the light of God
I now lie with broken wings on the hard earth
In this hell built for my own personal damnation
But there is yet further to fall

Like Alice through the looking glass
I fall into a world not my own
Pushed and punched through life
Hope lies beyond my reach
All my Gods are dead or lies
No help from them to come

I will rise though
To crush the world that broke me
To expose the lies of heaven
I must bring them hell
Track Name: The Flood
As I sit and wait for the flood
My soul breaks down and weeps
Wound upon wound bleed me out
As I lay in the ashes of sanctuary

Summoning the last vestiges of life
In the husk of my frame
Cut out the bleeding within
What is life but the road to death?

Sitting, waiting for the flood
Invisible to the outside world
bleeding on the broken earth
Cut apart by silent knives

Drowning in the sorrows
Conjured from imagination
Dying on the cross of my eternal sin
This is the sound of perpetual hatred
Suicide to crush the mind and end my damnation

Cry out to the silence
Scream unto your existence
This is the ending of it all
This is the beginning
Of my eternal night
Track Name: King Of Cuts
Into the veil of oblivion
I ride, crowned King Of Cuts
Drifting through the shadow of depression
Into the murky waters of the dark sea

Memories of light fade away
Into the dark dusk of my teary path
Alone, alone, always alone I ride
Along to the bitter sweet death of day

This is my fate I realise
The King Of Cuts, in a darkened place
Ignorant steps into the unknown
Forgotten dreams of sailing into the light
Damned unto an existence in this place
Where even hope is too afraid to stay
Here to reign, a monarchy of wounds
Until the end, where death will be supreme

Torment is always here with me
Determined to steal my fire
Should it ever rise again to shine
I am suspended, unable to truly die
Until the shackles are broken and I am truly free

King Of Cuts, of a shadowy place
I reign alone, in a kingdom of memory
Never will I rise from my place
Never will I see the day shine
The King Of Cuts, memories left abandoned

in this murky realm of death
I am alone
Track Name: Death, The Elixir Of Life
Lying on the cold floor
In the abyss of nothing
The living clipped my wings
Whilst the dead looked on and laughed

Silent is the landscape
Devoid of the human plague
Cold is my current life
Cold like the grave

My death is in your eyes
Looking out at me
Cold, unforgiving, forever
Like a virus in my heart
Draining all of my life
I am the husk the angels leave behind

Now is the end
Cut out the cancer from the world
Drink the poison from the cup
It's an elixir, we all must drain
Death embraces with cold arms
Suicide leads the way, noose in hand

Everyone needs to kill themselves
Life is no excuse
Take this blade I offer you
Free yourself from the misery
The misery, the cruel God has thrust on you
Do it, and watch the shackles, break down around you

Piece by piece, they broke you
No-one to pick up your shards
Like tears your blood cascades
Pooling at your feet
What more is there to live for?
When everything that you see breaks

Take me by the hand
And the open wrist
Death is written in red
A score that your misery writes
Now that you can see it, clear in the night
Were all better off dead
Track Name: With Loathing On My Lips
You are the one I hate
For what you have done to me
I despise your presence in my life
A parasite leeching of my existence

Your eyes reflect my anger
Projected onto you again
Contempt is what feel for you
For all the wrong you have created

If you manifest in front of me
I will be the last thing you see
I will spit venom into your eyes
It's less than you deserve

I will cast you from your self-made throne
You are nothing, least of all a God
Avert your eyes from me
So that I may grind you into the earth

This world is our graves
But you will make it first
I will shatter your soul into shards
And leave you in the dirt

You are the one I hate
For what you have done to me
I swear to tear your world asunder
The world has lost all its colour
So i will hurt it and paint it fucking black

This is the evil misanthropy
Committed by moonlight
Track Name: A Life No Longer My Own
Lying on a bed of rusting nails
My life dripping and running down my wrists
Stars that once shined so bright
Fade into an ever-darkening blackness
Tears run down my pale complexion
I recognise this life, but its no longer my own

Rising from the painful throne
Looking into a bleak and barren landscape
Where once their dwelt life
And laughter once moved the silence
Now I dwell in a realm of cracked mirrors
Each reflects a separate mistake

Dark whispers guide my bladed hand
Telling that beauty is only a razor deep
Painting a new realm of red for me to dwell
One forged from pain and wounds
Where do I go from here
This nothingness around me
I no longer have control, this is not my life

Fallen from the land of plentiful life
Into the hellish world of perpetual midnight
Where creatures of a multitude of horrors
Take flight on broken, rotted dreams
A collision of violence and depression
Fuels the fire that lights the soul tonight

Watching this unfold from afar
Seeing my body function at another's command
Whilst the shining stars above die out
One by one by one till none remain
Frost forever falls on my broken and cracked skin
In this life no longer my own
Track Name: Requiem Of Blood
My requiem is written in blood
Dripping from the edges of my mind
Despair is leading me by the hand
To the place, where the dead
Still dream of what they were

Death gazes from your eyes
Inevitable and painful
A dreadful purge of all mankind
This is the ending of another life

The bloody requiem sounds eternal
Splitting the night time cries
Join me in ending your life
Your aspiration is to die

As this ending sounds in the dark
Through scarlet tinged eyes, they mourn
A being no longer able to perceive
After we are dust and ashes
How are we received?

My bloody requiem tells my life
All that I have tried and failed
The things that I have hated and loathed
Told through a score of cuts and wounds
Forever to sound my darkened time
Track Name: Isolation And Sadness
Denounced from happiness
Renounced from cheer
My future crushed under the iron
Of inevitable death and dust
behold the darkened rotting womb
Where suicide grows

I am a puppet dancing
To a cruel Gods beat
Misery jerks on the strings
Breaking my bones cruelly
Sick, perverted and violent
Their hands covered in blood

I live a life to be proved wrong
A journey through this damnation
My pain is growing day by day
No drug, blade or burn takes it away
Isolation and sadness are all that is consistent
The only thing I can rely on forever

Nothing is more pure than this
i hunger for the feel of dark death
Bleach my soul to remove the stains
A never ending wish for this end
To the isolation and sadness I feel
I give up, there is no more use for this life
Track Name: Swansong For The Sad
A scar that steals all the light
Words carved into flesh
Sadness that swallows all life
Too few drugs to take all the pain

Beaten and broken from birth
A life cursed from the start
To lie under the shadow of despair
Never to see the light of day

The blade glides through the flesh
A razor guided by misery
Words of hate carved deep
Sorrow bleeds from the wound
Dripping onto the floor

Why is it all filled with sorrow?
This life that you are left with
Isolated from the cheerful
Never to feel in kind

But look into the tunnel
The darkness all around you
There is a light at the end of it
If only you could reach

Raise your crisscrossed arms
To grasp for the hope you seek
Life may yet reward you
For the misery you have received

Rise towards the light
Open your wings to the sun
Rise towards a new life
Leave me here in the dark
Leave for the life you deserve
Track Name: An Age Of Recovery
I have stepped from the darkness
Into a warm light
I now see the world in a truer form
However, this is not over
I may have won the battle
But I am not safe yet, now begins
An age of recovery, till I can once again
Find true happiness
And so a new story starts out